BNB Formula Review And Bonus: Does it worth buying?

Product Name: BNB Formula
Use: provides basic knowledge, data, information about short term rentals hosting as well as tips, tricks, strategies to be successful as an Airbnb’er
Product Creators: Brian Page and Mike Liebner
Price: $2,496 for lifetime

BNB Formula Review

What is Airbnb?

Nowadays, industrialization along with technology has been integrated into human’s everyday lives and it changes almost everything. As a result, job opportunities are made available to a lot of people, since now they have access to Internet. Stay-home moms or dads can work and take care of their kids at the same time. Airbnb is a product of this trend of home working.

Similar to how Uber changes the taxi industry, Airbnb alternates the traditional short-term hosting with a more convenient and modern way. As a service-based website, Airbnb allows travelers to match with the right hosts. Interestingly, hosts do not have to be hotels or motels as usual. People can register with Airbnb to display their properties as lodges and travelers (for whatever purposes: tourism, business, vacation, etc.) have tons of choices out there to choose.

Without physically owning any rooms, Airbnb’s profit reaches $1.5 billion today. It is expected to continue rapidly growing in the next 5 years.

About BNB Formula

Airbnb is surely a great business opportunity for you to gain earning along with the growing short term rentals. However, in order to be successful in this new industry, you must have the key to play the game. As a starter, without any experience, you have to put a lot of effort and spend hours after hours figuring out a way to manage your business well. Brian Page understands this. That’s why he offers these professional strategies and resources to assist you.

What does BNB Formula include?

Everything you need to become a successful Airbnb’er.

Once an amateur, Brian Page knows exactly where to start to make things easy for us. He has videos instructing how to begin one’s business in details as well as videos listing complex strategies derived from his rich experience to accomplish one’s goal. Followings are several things that Page addresses in his videos:

  • Essential skills such as time-management, organization, critical thinking, creativity, etc. are addressed with descriptive examples.
  • How to influence customers as well as other professional BNB owners.
  • Acknowledge of software, programs, websites that will stimulate your business growth.
  • Opportunities to exchange information with other professional BNB owners about their experience and how they become so successful.
  • Access to other resources contributing to your business,
  • Private web of tight relationship between BNB owners to support each other.
  • Different ways to hack and carry out effective marketing.

These are just several examples on what are going to be in the BNB Formula so you can have an idea about it. BNB Formula actually consists more than this and the information is surely worth the price.

Why BNB Formula?

Sure enough, BNB Formula is not the only product providing tricks, instructions or hacks as shortcut in the short term rental business. Nonetheless, why should you choose BNB Formula over others?

First of all, take a look at the founder of BNB Formula. Brian Page and Mike Liebner are both credited for this product. However, Brian Page is actually the one coming up with the idea while Mike Liebner supports him to build and put it in action.

Talking about Brian Page, you can search online and easily figure out he’s really successful in the short term rental business using Airbnb. According to Page, he does not “work more than about 4 hours total managing [his] thriving Airbnb business” (click here for source). His business can help him earning up to a six-digit number salary annually. Pretty impressive, right?

You are probably dying to know his secret. However, things are not always easy. He started with his 2 bare hands and diligently worked in order for his business to grow as big as today. In his videos, he is going to share with us how he works his way there and several ignorant mistakes that every one of us can make.

Besides trips on working with Airbnb, Page also shares with us his experience in doing business in general, for example, communication skills, persuasive techniques, selective listening, and etc. Those as well play an important role in making you an influential businessman/businesswoman.

BNB Formula is arranged in such way that both professional and amateur business people can perceive. With more than 100 videos, BNB Formula assist you to master scale your business, find and approach to deal with property owners for profitable outcome.

With a step-by-step system, BNB Formula is quite simple to utilize. Even though you are not very familiar with utilizing online program, you are still able to work it BNB Formula.
Compared to other products, BNB Formula surely is more reliable due to its creators and their professions. The tips/tricks introduced in BNB Formula will work depending on your ability to integrate it into your own business.

For convenience, Page holds a live coaching call at the end of every week so his clients can have direct access to him. They can pose questions, and receive answer instantly while others can watch and gain experience on their own. This is called interactive studying which is proved an effective way to learn new things. These calls are recorded in case you miss them.

One thing that separates BNB Formula from other products is its duration. Usually, when you read the description of BNB Formula, you will see the line where it says this is an 8-week course. However, if you scroll down, you will find out that the number of videos introduced to the course is continuously updated, and surely you will have access to them lifetime.

In this modern world, things can be easily outdated. As a profound businessman and passionate teacher, Page understands and keeps updating his clients with new formulas to thrive their own business. As a BNB Formula member, you gain access to all of this opened end information in the future.

In order to prove the tremendous impact of the course, Page allows clients for money back guarantee in 30 days. Therefore, after being trained, you find out BNB Formula is not designed for you; you can get your money back as long as it’s in the 30-day period.

With all this guarantee and advantages, why don’t you give it a shot and see how well you can do?

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